APS College of Counselling Psychologists

Postgraduate Students and Early Career

One great source of information and resources for students on their journey towards a career in psychology is the Psych Student HQ at http://www.psychology.org.au/studentHQ.


For students interested in Counselling Psychology specifically, the Victorian branch of the College runs an Information Forum every year in September.

This is a great opportunity for those curious about Counselling Pychology to hear from the convenors of the three Master's courses offered in Victoria (at La Trobe, Monash and Swinbourne Universities), as well as from the National College Chair.

In 2012, we started collecting questions asked by students at this forum, in order to share the answers with those not able to attend. These questions and answers have been compiled at the newly created Student Q & A section.


We have also compiled a list of Postgraduate Degrees in Counselling Psychology currently available in Australia.