NSW North Coast

About Us

The NSW North Coast has had two main foci in recent years:

  • Local professional development events;
  • Communication network for the units members via email allowing psychologists to bridge the distances that many of our members face in the Far North Coast Region.

A Brief History

Initially, it was realised that there were well over 100 APS members within a reasonable distance of Lismore (around 200 kms) and that we were relatively isolated, in terms of distance, face to face contact and PD activities, it was decided that it would be viable to form a branch and provide mutual support. The first committee was formed with Dr Angela James as Chairperson. Since then other branches have been formed but our member base has remained strong.

Our members have been involved in both State and National APS activities. This has been mutually beneficial with the Branch receiving accurate feedback as well as the State or National body receiving local information directly.

We have regular Seminars and Workshops and these have been beneficial with members travelling long distances to attend. Our members come mainly from the University, Health, the court system and Education.

At the moment due to COVID-19 we are restricted to zoom meetings but stay tuned as we have some ideas planned for our continuting education.