Psychologists for Peace

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PfP have released a video version of their children's book Wise Ways to Win, focussing on helping children learn how to resolve conflict cooperatively and creatively. The book is also available for free download.

Research has identified ten ways that everyone can promote peace in their day-to-day lives and the wider world.

Peace psychology can help us navigate these problems. Dr Winnifred Louis, Queensland Coordinator for PfP and Professor at UQ School of Psychology, speaks about about how peace psychology can help us navigate the current crisis. You can also access APS resources about mental health support during the pandemic here.

Psychologists for Peace have created multiple resources designed to help young people develop conflict resolution and peace-building skills.

Several posters have been produced by Psychologists for Peace.

Collection of recordings from previous PfP interviews and events.


Position statements

The climate crisis is a peace issue. Psychologists for Peace were involved in the creation of the APS Position Statement on Psychology and Climate Change.

The APS Declaration on Torture was passed in 2007 and was expanded with the APS Statement against psychologist involvement in torture and other inhuman treatment in 2015.



Enhancing Relationships in School Communities (ERIS) was a program researching strategies to assist primary schools to make whole school changes in how they approached conflict by helping teachers learn more cooperative problem-solving approaches.

Strategies for promoting peace and social justice that were developed at the Alert and Alarmed forum, which brought people together to express their fears and concerns about important social issues, and to share practical strategies for adding their opinion to social debate, developing social activism, and helping create resilient communities.


Other Peace Organisations

ICAN is a global coalition of organisations with the goal of building public and government support for banning and disarming nuclear weapons.