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Welcome to the APS College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists (CEDP) registrar section. This page is designed for those interested in completing a registrar program to obtain an area of practice endorsement (AOPE) in educational and developmental psychology. 


Registrar Program 

What is the registrar program?

The registrar program is an intensive period of training in a specialised area of practice. It enables registered psychologists to develop the core competencies required to become endorsed in one of the nine Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) approved areas of practice, such as educational and developmental psychology.

Who can complete the registrar program? 

To start a registrar program in an area of practice you must have: 

  1. Completed a postgraduate psychology degree in said area of practice.

  2. Obtained general registration. 

Applicants must also have: 

  • A PsyBA approved supervisor who has agreed to supervise you for the registrar program.

  • Suitable work role or placements that enable you to meet practice requirements of the program.

  • Developed a supervised practice plan that meets the requirements for the area of practice endorsement (AoPE) registrar program. 


What does the program involve? 

The registrar program consists of three components:

  1. Psychological practice – in the same approved area of practice as the approved postgraduate qualification. 

  2. Supervision with a Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) approved supervisor. 

  3. Active continuing professional development (CPD).

Program requirements differ depending on an individual’s postgraduate qualifications. Specifically: 



Minimum Duration of Practice

Total Practice Hours


Active CPD

Approved to sixth year

e.g., MPsych or bridging program

88 weeks

3,000 hours

80 hours

80 hours

Approved to sixth year with a Doctoral thesis

e.g., combined MPsych/PhD

66 weeks

2,250 hours

60 hours

60 hours

Approved to seventh year or above

e.g., DPsych/PsyD

44 weeks

1,500 hours

40 hours

40 hours

Source: https://www.psychologyboard.gov.au/Standards-and-Guidelines/Codes-Guidelines-Policies/Guidelines-area-of-practice-endorsements.aspx 


What does the program cost? 

Registrar program costs vary depending on individual circumstances. 

As at September 2021, the following one-off PsyBA fees apply: 

  • Application for approval of registrar program: $255 (at program commencement)

  • Application for endorsement of registration: $255 (at program completion). 


General registration, supervision and CPD costs should also be considered when trying to determine the costs involved. 

What documentation do I need to provide throughout my registrar program?

Prior to commencing registrar program

An application for approval of a registrar program must be submitted to, and approved by, the Board before the applicant begins the registrar program.

During registrar program

Practice, supervision and professional development hours must be recorded. Logging tools are listed in the resources section below.  

A progress report must be submitted when the registrar has completed half of the required supervised practice hours.

Approval must be sought from the Board before any substantial change is made to an already approved registrar program, including changes to the primary work role or the supervisor.

On completion of registrar program

Registrar must submit a final progress report containing a final assessment of competence completed and signed by their principal supervisor and lodge this with an application for endorsement. 


Forms are available under ‘Forms’ on PsyBA’s website. 

Tips for registrars


  • Investigate arrangements for supervision and professional development before accepting a job. Check that any proposed supervisors are Board-approved and have an Area of Practice Endorsement in the relevant area. 

Networking & peer support

  • Peer support during your registrar program is invaluable. Once you have begun the Registrar program, you can join a closed moderated facebook group ‘Ed & Dev Registrars’. The group is a place to collaborate, commiserate, share resources, tips and celebrate registration progress. You can also seek peer support on the facebook pages listed on the Student and Early Career page. 

  • Take advantage of the low cost group supervision program available to registrars that are also APS CEDP members. 


  • Be prepared to receive encouragement, information and constructive criticism from your supervisor to help you master the competencies. 

  • You might find it useful to make a contract or agreement with your supervisor that is approved by your line manager. 

  • Read about the difference between supervision, peer consultation and mentoring


  • Develop an automatic system for recording CPD, supervision and practice hours that works for you.

  • Use the templates below or take advantage of free logging tools available for APS members

    • APS Registrar Logging Tool- tracks supervised practice hours efficiently and easily for your supervisors. 

    • CPD Logging Tool - tracks and record journal entries for CPD and supervision activities and has an instantly downloadable log. 



CPD Logs 

Learning Plan

Supervision Contract

Supervision Meeting Minutes

Registrar Voice

We invite you to join the discussion and contact your National Registrar Representative with any matters that you would like raised to the CEDP National Committee using this email address: [email protected] 

The CEDP Newsletter is always looking to incorporate early career and registrar perspectives, so please touch base if you have any ideas for future contributions.


Helpful Links

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