APS College of Clinical Psychologists

Mentoring Program for Clinical Psychology Final Year Students/Graduates

This program is for students in their final year of studies and early career (in the first 5 years of practice); It will offer students/clinical registrars/recent graduates the opportunity to receive support from experienced Clinical Psychologists as they make their transition into the workforce. The mentor program will be about addressing issues such as career and professional development. It is different to a clinical supervision role.


Benefits to Mentees

  • Broaden their knowledge of the career options open to them
  • Increase their understanding of industry
  • Build professional networks
  • Receive honest and constructive feedback
  • Develop skills in communication and networking
  • Receive guidance about professional development

To be eligible for the program you must:

  • In your final year of a postgraduate clinical psychology program or have already graduated from a postgraduate clinical program (masters or doctorate)
  • Be an associate or student member of the clinical college (associate membership application forms can be found here


To apply

To apply simply contact us and we will provide an application


Are you an interested Mentor? We would love to hear from you contact us now