APS College of Clinical Psychologists

Postgraduate Students and Early Career

Welcome to the student and early career (registrar) section of the CCLP.  The current student representative on the National Committee is Selma Music and the early career representative is Belinda Bury.  Our roles are to advocate for, and represent students enrolled in postgraduate Clinical Psychology training programs and those who are undertaking the Clinical Psychology Registrar Program.

Please feel free to contact us with any matters you would like raised to the National Committee.  We can be contacted at the following email address: aps.cc.student@gmail.com

How Do I Become a Student Subscriber?

Students who are (A) enrolled in an APAC-accredited Masters or Doctorate program in Clinical Psychology AND (B) a current APS member/associate member/student subscriber, are eligible to join the College of Clinical Psychologists (CCLP) for $15. 

To become a student subscriber either:

Why Should I Join?

As a student member of the APS you will receive:

  • Free copies of the APS Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines, costing more than the price of your student membership
  • Discount for psychology textbooks (35% off Wiley books)
  • Student member rates to high quality conferences: the APS Annual Conference (a saving of $85) and other professional development opportunities.
  • Practice guidelines, review papers, tip sheets and other resources to provide you with the latest information on treatment for a range of psychological disorders
  • Email and phone advisory services to assist you with study, career and professional psychology queries and concerns
  • Networking, support and access to important professional updates through the APS Student Facebook.

In addition, if you join the CCLP you will receive specific Clinical Psychology support including:

  • Student member rates to high quality Clinical Psychology professional development opportunities including the APS College of Clinical Psychologists Conference
  • Access to a supervisor directory of Clinical Psychologists available for supervision 
  • Clinical College specific discussion forums
  • Skilled and effective advocacy for issues of concern to clinical psychology students, as well as to clinical psychology more broadly and to Medicare
  • Mentoring opportunities with senior clinical psychologists to guide and support your impending entry into the clinical psychology profession
  • Emails, bulletins and journals to keep you informed and up to date with all the developments in the fast-changing world of clinical psychology. 
  • Advocacy for Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Psychology qualifications

How Do I Become a Clinical Psychologist?

If you would like to find out more about what clinical psychology is, what clinical psychologists do and what the current training pathways are, then please see the following presentation from the APS Melbourne Branch Careers Information Day September 2014

APS Psych Student HQ (http://www.psychology.org.au/studentHQ) also has information of pathways and resources to support psychology students.

As of 2015, there are over 39 APAC Accredited Clinical Psychology post-grad programs available in Australia.  For more information: https://www.psychologycouncil.org.au/course-search/australia/

Information for Clinical Psychology Registrars

Psychologists who (A) have completed an APAC-accredited Masters or Doctorate program in Clinical Psychology AND (B) are a current APS member/associate member, are eligible to join the College of Clinical Psychologists (CCLP) for $178. 

To become an associate member either:

How Can I Be Involved?

We would love you to become involved in the college!

Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/APSClinicalPsychologists

Please check out our new forum https://groups.psychology.org.au/Forum/Board.aspx?ID=33  available only to members), which provides the opportunity for you to post and communicate with the membership community. 

Come along to our events – check out our national and state-based events, including the APS College of Clinical Psychologists Conference.

Get in touch – we currently have a few ideas in the works about how to better support students and registrars.  If you have any suggestions then please feel free to email us (aps.cc.student@gmail.com) or contact your local state committee.