APS College of Community Psychologists

Resources and Publications

This page brings together a variety of Community Psychology research and practice resources and publications. Please contact the National Committee with suggestions for additional resources ([email protected]).


Journal and Publications

●      The Australian Community Psychologist

●      Journal of Community Psychology

●      American Journal of Community Psychology

●      Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology

●      Psychosocial Intervention

●      Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice


●      Community Psychology Masters program at Victoria University: learn about the Master of Applied Psychology (Community Psychology) at Victoria University, which is currently the only postgraduate program offering the specialisation.

●      Society For Community Research and Action (SCRA): Division 27 of the American Psychological Association is the home of Community Psychology in the US. Their page includes plenty of resources regarding research and application of Community Psychology.

●      International Community Psychology: a webpage dedicated to celebrate the history, work and people of the International Conferences of Community Psychology. The page includes recordings of online proceedings and information regarding upcoming conferences.

●      Community Psychology: an introductory hub about Community Psychology managed by SCRA.

●      Community Identity Displacement Research Network (CIDRN): a research group based at Victoria University. The group includes several Community Psychology researchers and runs free, regular webinars.



Introduction to Community Psychology: an open access, online textbook on all things Community Psychology.