APS College of Community Psychologists

13th Trans Tasman Conference Presentations

Please follow the links to copies of presentations from the 13th Trans Tasman Conference.

 Heather Gridley holds the audience spellbound at the 13th Trans Tasman Conference


13th Trans Tasman Presentation Photo Gridley



 Presentations in alphabetical order.


Aguirre, C. An ecological exploration of youth psychosocial needs and wellbeing whilst in residential care.

Brown, J. "We’re like the sex CPR dummies”: Negotiating (hetero)sex in a university residential setting.

Collins, A. Before prison and therapy: two interventions into gender violence in higher education.

D’Arcy, C., & Rosenhain, S. creating cultural change: Addressing the gendered drivers of violence against women within organisational systems and regions.

Dem, K., & Busch, R. Addressing the complexities and challenges of the school counselling community in Bhutan through a critical narrative inquiry.

Gibson, K. Young people’s talk about suicide: Challenging the silence.

Gridley, H., Turner, C., D'Arcy, C., Sampson, E., & Madyaningrum, M. Are critical conversations enough? Community-based interventionsto improve the lives of women and girls: Problems and possibilities.

Hogea, B., & Killmier, H. Is the NDS empowering?

Lapsley. H. Naomi Mitchison: Imagining and creating community in a World War 2 Scottish Fishing village.

Lawrence, J. Education engagement partnership across cities of Port Phillip and Stonnington.

Moberley, B. Political values and reponses to fear messaging: an Australian perspective.

Public Interest Advisory Group (and friends!). A psychology that matters? Critical conversations from within psychology.

Quayle, A. Re-presenting Aboriginal counter stories: Reflecting on the tensions as a non-Indigenous researcher.

Radermacher, H., & Sampson, E. Caring mums: Mothers walking alongside mothers

Sampson, E., & McSolvin, S. Motherhood unmasked: a community arts based approach to valuing mothers and mothering.

Schubert, M. Investigating nature strip gardensas potential avenues for transformative change.

Streker, P. Why don't they get it? Exploring ways of communicating effectively with people across the political spectrum.

Wallace, C., Parker, D., & Thornton, L. The lived experience of mental health workforce: Challenges and opportunities.