APS College of Counselling Psychologists

Award for a Doctoral Thesis recipients

Since 2007, it has been the policy of the National Executive of the College of Counselling Psychologists to award a prize for a thesis of outstanding merit to a Doctoral student. Candidates for the Award must be enroled in a doctoral degree in Counselling Psychology, but need not hold membership with the APS. The College reserves the right not to make an award if no suitable candidate is nominated.

For more information about eligibility, the nomination process and selection criteria, click here.

Award Recipients


Not awarded


Not awarded


Dr Samanatha Warren, La Trobe University 

The challenges of change: A qualitative analysis of heroin addiction, abstinence, and identity in the contact of family history and social environment



Dr Ann Pensom, Swinburne University

Leaders' attachment orientations, their authentic leadership levels, and followers' work experiences


Dr Geraldie Lockley, Swinburne University

Premature menopause: The experiences of women and their partners


Dr Sharae Coughlan, La Trobe University

Being child free: Canonical and personal narratives


Dr Katie Wyman, Swinburne University

What therapists bring to therapy: An examination of therapist effects on the alliance and the characteristics which build the therapist-client alliance


Dr Sophia Bilicki Holmes, Swinburne University

On the nature of expertise in family therapy


Dr Filia Papadimitriou, Swinburne University

Motherhood motivation: Childhood experiences, attachment style, feminism, sex role identity and fertility awareness


Dr Susan Whelan, Swinburne University

An exploration of marital interaction: The relationship between Gottman’s conflict resolution style and ‘four horsemen’, attachment theory, perception, gender and marital satisfaction


Dr Julie Fricker, Swinburne University

Predicting infidelity: The role of attachment styles, lovestyles, and the investment model