APS College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists

Tasmanian Committee Information

The following members of the College State Section Committee have been elected by members of the College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists in a particular State. This is a sub-Committee of the College National Committee. Please feel free to contact the College State Section Committee members with any queries or suggestions about the activities and events which they organise for members of this College in this State.


Mr Paul Bertoia
Paul is an Educational & Developmental Psychologist who has worked across a wide range of settings. In schools he has been part of pre-Kinder programs through to Grade 12. He is currently a Senior School Psychologist with the Department of Education in Tasmania. He has also worked in health (in early assessment and intervention with children and child & adolescent mental health), and in community settings. He currently also has a private practice and he provides supervision for psychologists and other professionals.

Paul has been active in the Australian Psychological Society for many years through his local branch and he is a Fellow of the APS. He has served in a range of positions on the National Committee, and is a past Chair of the College of Educational & Developmental Psychologists.


Mr Darren Stops


Position vacant


Mrs Sally Cashman


Ms Linda Pearn
Linda is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Board-Approved Supervisor committed to practitioner wellbeing, thriving, learning and development. She is currently the Treasurer of CEDP-TAS, and has been actively involved in the committee over the past 35 years, including roles as Chair and Secretary.
In practice, Linda focuses on professional and systemic self-care through supervision, consultation, and ongoing professional learning. In her career she values being a compassionate and effective practitioner and educator.
Linda has worked in schools, colleges and at university as a supervisor, lecturer, teacher, support teacher, senior school psychologist, and colleague. Life experience has enhanced her practice in developmental psychology - from play to ageing well.
Linda values her family, friendships, and collegiality which she organises around other interests, including health and wellbeing activities.

Committee Member

Dr Donna Gayton

Committee Member

Ms Joanne Morgan