These are some posters that have been produced by Psychologists for Peace in the past.

Wise Ways to Win poster

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Poster 1 (also a storybook): Wise Ways to Win

'Wise Ways to Win' describes the basic steps for resolving conflict, such as understanding the needs and concerns of the parties, brainstorming options, creating win-win solutions, and considering alternatives in case the other party does not cooperate. The steps are illustrated through a light-hearted story of a dispute between a koala and kookaburra:

Available as a step-by-step poster and as a 32-page children's storybook.

Bullying poster

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Poster 2: Bullying: Spotting it, Stopping it

"Bullying is when a person hurts someone else on purpose, time and again. The hurt can be physical or emotional... Bullying can happen at school, at home and at work as well as in sports and politics. Everyone has a right to feel safe."

This poster shows the steps taken by Possum, his schoolmates, his teachers and parents, to address and prevent bullying.

Rebuilding Relationships poster

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Poster 3: Rebuilding relationships: Saying sorry and forgiving after hurtful conflict

Unhealed hurts from the past often prevent good relationships in the present because the old hurts keep re-emerging and causing anger and pain. Then, people may be too upset to use effective conflict resolution skills for solving current problems.

The aim of the poster is to help people move beyond old hurts, restore healthy relationships, and put their conflict resolution skills into practice. The poster picks up the themes of reconciliation that are so salient throughout the world at present. The poster is beautifully illustrated in full colour using Australian bush animals to carry the message.

Handling Anger poster

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Poster 4: Handling Anger Wisely

The step-by-step process detailed in the poster 'Handling Anger Wisely' helps you identify times when you get angry, expose self-talk that feeds your anger, create more useful self-talk, plan new ways to express yourself, calm yourself down when provoked, evaluate how it went and plan for next time.

The poster is illustrated with the story of a koala and her baby who are grumpy and impatient, often throwing tantrums. The other animals become so sick of these angry moods that they send Koala to see Owl.

Celebrating children’s peace books poster

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Poster 5: Celebrating children’s peace books

This poster celebrates some of the wonderful children’s books that promote peace or encourage the non-violent resolution of conflict.  The quotes used in the poster have been taken from winners of the PFP children’s peace literature award.


Cultures of Peace poster

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Poster 6: Wise Ways to Create Cultures of Peace

The first decade of the millennium is the International Decade for the Culture of Peace. PFP's 'Creating Cultures of Peace' poster is a positive and relevant contribution to the promotion of peace for years to come.

The poster explores how we can be a part of creating cultures of peace in our homes, schools, workplaces, communities and, indeed, across the planet!

Creating Peaceful Families poster

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Poster 7: Creating Peaceful Families

The Gumtree Orchestra decides to have a concert, but they are dreadfully out of tune with each other. Kids bang and clang and parents yell.

This poster shows how each family learns to be more co-operative and peaceful, and make beautiful music! The guidelines come from research on how parents can successfully raise children, but they can also be used by kids and teenagers to get along better with their family, friends, and teachers.

Visions of Peace poster

Poster 8: Visions of Peace

"Peace is being different and letting others be different from you"; "We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore."; "We can start building a peaceful future by first creating images of it in our minds."; "I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask: 'Mother, what was war?'"

Visions of Peace is a beautiful, colourful picture poster bordered with quotes.

 Peace is Possible badge

'Peace is Possible' badges and stickers

By inviting people to believe that 'peace is possible' we help each other move out of helplessness and hopelessness and into action. Everything we do to encourage others to believe non-violent solutions are possible and to actively express their concerns helps to bring about changes that will ripple through all levels of society.