APS College of Clinical Psychologists

Queensland Committee Information

The following members of the College State Section Committee have been elected by members of the College of Clincial psychologists in a particular State. This is a sub-Committee of the College National Committee. Please feel free to contact the College State Section Committee members with any queries or suggestions about the activities and events which they organise for members of this College in this State.


Assoc Prof Gavin Beccaria
Gavin Beccaria is an academic in the School of Psychology and Counselling at the University of Southern Queensland and a practicing clinical psychologist with over 27 years experience. Gavin has extensive supervision and teaching experience with psychology students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and he has provided clinical supervision for over 400 psychologists and psychologists in training. He also runs a private practice in clinical psychology. He previously worked at Qld health for 13 years across a wide variety of settings and across the lifespan.

Gavin has written book chapters on mental health assessment, diagnosis and disorders. He has also published in a wide range of topics including metal health, domestic violence, learning and teaching, work and career, clinical assessment, natural therapies, and Indigenous mental health in leading journals.

Chair Elect

Dr Daniel Brown
Hi, I'm Daniel (he/him).
I'm a Clinical Psychologist with a PhD focusing on the area of health psychology/behavioural medicine.

I currently run a private practice in Brisbane and have a particular interest in working with people with regard to relational and attachment problems.

I work from a relational/dynamic framework and love engaging with clients on their personalised therapeutic journey.

I also love whippets, navel-gazing, and buying books I'll never get around to reading.


Position vacant


Dr Mousumi Singh
Mousumi (Sumi), is an experienced clinical psychologist with over 28 years of experience in both clinical and health areas. She has worked both in the public and private sectors in Australia and overseas with people across the lifespan and from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. Sumi utilizes a range of therapies including cognitive behaviour therapy, schema therapy, brief solution-focused therapy to assist clients reflect and utilise their own resourcefulness and influence the change that they desire. She is a board-approved supervisor and has been supervising psychology students from all levels. She enjoys working particularly with older adults and has a special interest in Aging on which she completed her PhD. Connection with people from different cultures allows Sumi to learn and grow, thus, travelling the world, is her passion. Knowledge to her is liberating and motivates her to progress.


Assoc Prof Matthew Gullo
Associate Professor Matthew Gullo is a clinical psychologist and MRFF Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) Principal Research Fellow at the Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research, The University of Queensland. A true scientist-practitioner, he continues to provide treatment services as a Visiting Senior Clinical Psychologist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital's Alcohol and Drug Assessment Unit.

Associate Professor Gullo's expertise is in addiction and substance use. He led the "Psychosocial Interventions" section of the 2021 National Guidelines for the Treatment of Alcohol Problems (alcoholtreatmentguidelines.com.au). Associate Professor Gullo has authored over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications and been awarded over $5M in research funding. His research has advanced targeted treatment efforts “on the ground”. At Princess Alexandra Hospital, he led the implementation of several evidence-based initiatives that have improved the provision of care to over 8,500 patients.

Committee Member

Dr Graham du Plessis
Graham has worked as a clinical psychologist in government, private practice, and academia for over a decade. He has a special interest in psychological strengths and positive psychology as well as in the training of clinical psychology students and interns. Graham also has a background in business and finance and frequently consults to organisations on psychology-related topics.

He has previously lectured at the University of Johannesburg, the University of Southern Queensland, and the University of Queensland. He continues to supervise in the UQ clinic.

Graham works as a Senior Human Services Office in the Crime and Intelligence Command for the Queensland Police Service.

Committee Member

Assoc Prof Claire Thompson

Committee Member - Registrar Rep

Ms Anna Stathis
Anna completed a Master of Clinical Psychology at The University of Queensland. Her research investigated the efficacy of cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness-based treatments for chronic pain. Anna has experience in community mental health, hospital, university, and research settings. Her interests broadly include the treatment of anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, mood disorders, and trauma- and stressor-related disorders.

Committee Member - Registrar Rep

Miss Melissa Harrison
Melissa is currently completing a Masters of Clinical Psychology at the University of Southern Queensland, after successfully completing her Honours at the University of Queensland.

Melissa is particularly interested in working with adolescents and young adults experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, bullying, anger, relationship distress, and promoting health and wellbeing.

Student Representative

Mrs Cindy Atkinson
I have always had a strong interest in the welfare of others. I originally started out as a primary school teacher with the intention of becoming a guidance counsellor. After taking some time out to raise my family I realised that my interests extended beyond the school system and I started my journey to become a psychologist. I am currently completing my honours program at UniSQ, after which I look forward to pursuing a Masters in Clinical Psychology. I have a particular interest in children and adolescents, trauma, and women's health.

Student Representative

Ms Rachael Brice
Rachael is currently completing her Masters of Clinical Psychology at the University of Southern Queensland, after successfully completing her Honours and undergraduate degrees at the Flinders University of South Australia, and the University of Adelaide. Rachael is particularly interested in a breadth of practice, working across the lifespan in a range of therapeutic styles. She is also committed to rural and regional services; having relocated to regional Queensland to complete her masters, and with a plan to return to country SA to work as a clinical psychologist.

Student Representative

Mr Adam Novic
Adam is currently a candidate for the Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology program at Griffith University. His PhD is investigating the effect of mastery and physical activity on psychological distress in mid-aged adults.

Adam has an interest in behaviour change, the application of health behaviours in mitigating psychological distress, older persons mental health (including dementia), and evidence-based approaches in managing sleep difficulties.