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Below are details of the current committee and vacancies. The APS is always on the look out for members who are interested in joining a Member Group committee, to help support and promote members, the profession, and the APS. For more information about joining a Member Groups committee, click here.

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Dr David Preece
Dr David Preece is a clinical psychologist and academic. He is a senior clinical lecturer at Curtin University, where he is the Director of the Perth Emotion & Psychopathology Lab. He also works clinically in private practice. David’s main research and practice interests are the assessment, understanding, and treatment of emotional disorders. He is particularly interested in the role that emotional awareness (alexithymia) and emotion regulation difficulties play in a variety of mental disorders, and how this understanding can be harnessed to design and improve transdiagnostic treatments. David has developed several psychometric measures of emotional functioning, which are now widely used around the world in clinical research and practice. David has volunteered on APS Clinical College committees since 2018; he is passionate about advocating for clinical psychologists, registrars, and students, and the vital role of clinical psychology in mental health systems across Australia.


Dr Jason Sharbanee
Jason is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Curtin University, where he teaches psychotherapy to postgraduate trainees, and conducts research into the process of change during psychotherapy.

He is also certified as the local institute-based trainer in Emotion Focused Therapy, and delivers psychotherapy trainings through the Western Australian Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy (waiEFT.com.au). He maintains a private practice a Clearhealth.

Jason specialises in Emotion Focused Therapy and experiential therapies generally, for individuals, couples and groups across a range of presenting issues. He was trained and supervised by some of the leading developers of EFT, Leslie Greenberg and Jeanne Watson, over the last 10 years.


Dr Brendon Dellar
Dr Brendon Dellar is an Adjunct Associate Professor (Clinical Psychology) at Curtin Univeristy & Director of Cygnet Clinic, a large centre for psychological assessment, treatment and postgraduate supervision/training in Western Australia. He is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society of Clinical Psychologists and a Board Approved Supervisor. He has a passion for lecturing, workshops, and applied research in a range of areas including Addiction, Autism, and Psychological Interventions. Dr Dellar holds a number of positions as a non-paid consultant in areas such as tertiary education, organisational management and mental healthcare for first responders.

Committee Member

Mrs Christine Donis

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Dr Aileen Agnes Ann Reid

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Mr Mark Webb

Committee Member

Mr Ethan Luxton
Ethan is a clinical psychologist registrar who graduated from Curtin University in 2023. He currently practices at Oqea Cares, a large psychology and psychiatry clinic in Subiaco. Ethan's clinical interests include the assessment and treatment of ADHD and co-occurring conditions and extend to addressing pervasive patterns of distress, shame, or disappointment. Ethan is passionate about advancing mental health care and advocating for improvements to mental health and mental health education systems in Australia.

PD Representatvive

Miss Zoe Griffin

Committee Member

Dr Trevor Mazzucchelli
Trevor Mazzucchelli is an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at Curtin University, Australia, and an Honorary Associate Professor at the Parenting and Family Support Centre at The University of Queensland. Over the past 30 years, he has held several clinical positions, conducted research in the area of parenting children with disability, and written many articles on this and related topics for scientific journals and publications. He is a co-author of Stepping Stones Triple P, has developed programs to help parents of children with disability prevent and manage commonly encountered behavioural and emotional problems, and trained practitioners in more than 10 countries to support parents in using these programs. His research interests are broad and include treatment outcome evaluations, mechanisms of behavioural and cognitive change, self-management, and how individuals and families can achieve optimal levels of functioning under both stressful and normal circumstances.

PD Representative

Ms Pheobe Ho
Pheobe is currently completing her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. She is be a passionate lived experience speaker, advocate, and researcher in the area of eating disorders and youth mental health at both a local and national level. Pheobe previously worked as a National Youth Advisor for headspace National, and was 1 of 20 individuals selected across Australia to be on the National Mental Health Commission’s Australian Mental Health Leaders Fellowship. She currently works for the WA Eating Disorders Outreach and Consultation Service in a lived experience consultancy capacity, and sits on the WA Eating Disorder Sub Network Steering Committee. Pheobe’s contributions to mental health advocacy and research saw her as a Finalist for the 2019 WA Young Achiever Awards, and she was also awarded 2019 Australian Psychological Society Prize. Today, she also remains passionate about reducing mental health stigma within mental health professionals, and hopes to commence her PhD in 2022.

Student Representative

Miss Zoe Waters
Zoe is an enthusiastic and passionate fourth year PhD candidate and Master of Clinical Psychology student at the University of Western Australia under the supervision of A/Prof Ashleigh Lin and Dr Yael Perry at the Telethon Kids Institute, and A/Prof Jeneva Ohan at the University of Western Australia. Her PhD focuses on the existence and effects of stigma and self-stigma in young people who are at ultra-high risk for psychosis, and how best to measure it, and alleviate the negative consequences produced by it. Her clinical and research interests centre around improving outcomes for young people who are at risk of, or are experiencing, serious mental illness, with a particular interest in schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Zoe is currently completing her final placements for the Master of Clinical Psychology program, and is excited to embark upon her registrar training.

Student Representative

Miss Talia Holland
Talia is a dedicated and driven graduate of a first-class honours degree in psychology from Curtin University. Currently, she is a provisional psychologist, pursuing her Masters at the University of Notre Dame, where she also works as a sessional academic in the new undergraduate degree. Passionate about mental health, Talia aims to contribute to the field through her academic and professional endeavours. Her research focuses on the transitional adolescent age group, which she hopes to specialise in clinically. Beyond academics, Talia seeks growth opportunities through volunteering. Talia is hoping to embark on her clinical Masters next year and is excited about the dynamic field and what lies ahead.

PD Representative

Ms Dominique Cleary
Dominique is a PhD (Clinical Psychology) candidate and has recently completed her Master of Clinical Psychology at the University of Western Australia.
Her PhD research with Telethon Kids Institute works with the Autism Team to investigate the early developmental period of infants with a family history of ASD, the experiences of parents who have a child diagnosed with an ASD, and investigating the potential of an early parent-mediated intervention focussed on working with parents to best support their baby's early social and communication abilities.
She has worked clinically in a range of settings including community and hospital settings, with a range of populations, and is looking towards commencing a registrar program as she completes her PhD.