APS College of Counselling Psychologists

Victorian Committee Information

Members of the Counselling College's Victoria committee are noted below. This is a sub-Committee of the Counselling College's National Committee. Please feel free to contact these members with any queries or suggestions about the activities and events that they organise for members of the Counselling College in Victoria.



Ms Angela Gale
Angela Gale is a Counselling Psychologist and is working in private practice. She works with individuals, couples, and groups using evidenced-based therapeutic techniques with a gentle, collaborative, and respectful approach. She sees people who have a number of concerns, such as, relationship difficulties, PTSD, trauma and abuse (physical, sexual, domestic, institutional), anxiety, depression, and identity development. Angela has been a part of the APS CCOUN since 2015.


Position vacant


Ms Anita Missiha


Dr Joanne Sheedy
Jo Sheedy is a Counselling Psychologist who completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology and her PhD through Monash University. Having worked previously for years as a physiotherapist, Jo is passionate about connecting the mind to the body in her work as a psychologist. She works in a public health rehabilitation service as well as in private practice, seeing a range of different problems including adjustment issues, anxiety, depression and trauma-related presentations. She also has a passionate interest in treating the psychological aspects of health conditions such as chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndromes. Jo works from a client-centred approach using a variety of therapeutic tools including CBT and schema therapy, parts work and mindfulness-based approaches.

Committee Member

Miss Samantha Splatt
Phone: 0419 319 370
I am fortunate to be both a Counselling and Clinical Psychologist with a strong focus on public sector work, whilst maintaining a small private practice. I work in a Regional Centre and believe in the need for our profession to be skilled in a diversity of areas.

Committee Member

Ms Khai Wong
Phone: 0412051908
Ms Khai Wong, is a clinical and counselling psychologist who helps individuals, couples and families, mainly parents in transition to parenthood, learn how to have happier and healthier lives. She has extensive experience in cross-cultural counselling and has adapted Chinese cultural influences on psychological practice, counselling and assessment. She integrates narrative therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness therapy and positive psychology principles and brings a holistic approach to influencing peoples wellbeing. Khai’s current interests are positive relationship counselling using the Gottman Method Couple Therapy. She offers a range of professional assessment and psychological therapy for late adolescents, adults, and with relationship issues she works with couples and families including overseas student families in Melbourne. Her main areas of interests are working with a range of mental health disorders and relationship issues within a preventative context